Telemedicine in Galenus: 3 simple steps

1. Telephone appointment

The patient contacts us via GALENUS LINE, either by call-center with single number 0365915, email or contact form. We will identify the patient’s data and generate the electronic file. We recommend to have all the data ready to optimize the time on the phone. Phone and Email are required to access all instructions.

2. Payment confirmation

In this step, the patient received by SMS and EMAIL, information about the payment confirmation. The telemedicine session can be paid either by secure online payment by card or by other means which are confirmed at the registration desk. Only after payment is confirmed can the next step be taken.

3. Access to the virtual cabinet

The patient receives an email with full instructions on how to access the virtual practice.
The link to access the virtual surgery will also be sent by SMS. We recommend using a phone or tablet with a good built-in camera.

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How we interpret Telemedicine, here at Galenus!

For us, here at Galenus, the TELEMEDICINE project is a project that has a foundation behind it that we have been working on for some time.
Initially, the needs that required this functionality were those of doctors, especially those in specialties related to Medical Imaging. They needed a platform that was easy to access, secure and in line with current legislation regarding the protection of confidential data.

Together with the team at EXPERT IT, we have managed to advance enough on the technology side that we can now announce the launch of the GALENUS Virtual Clinic.

Through GALENUS LINE, the centralised telephony and communication service and patient interaction platform via Microsoft Teams, we can coordinate, organise and plan TELEMEDICINE sessions.

Where do you start your Telemedicine experience?

It is very important that before starting this experience with the doctors who are enrolled in this programme, you carefully read and accept the terms and conditions of the telemedicine service.

This page will provide you with general information on what we want to achieve through the use of technology, patients who have certain needs that can be addressed through advice and prevention following a telemedicine session.

How do I prepare for the counselling session?

First of all, you should know that the spectrum of conditions that can be addressed by doctors, via telemedicine, without contacting you, is LIMITED.

Depending on what problem you have, have as many details of the condition noted (perhaps even written down) as possible. Obviously the doctors’ experience helps them to get additional information, but being remote, some details you will only be able to provide yourself.

Have the documents of the medical history of the condition ready, in electronic format (pictures, pdf), which can then be easily shared with the doctor via Microsoft Teams using your phone/tablet.

Enter the virtual office, shortly before the scheduled time (30 minutes are accepted before the consultation), to upload the documents mentioned, to test the connection.

If you are unfamiliar with phones/tablets regarding a video-audio conference, you can ask a close relative (preferably family) to assist you.

List of treatments

  • Colonoscopy
  • Gastroscopy
  • Allergy Testing
  • CT Scan
  • Bronchoscopy
  • Colonoscopy

How does the planning process start?

Below are details of how to contact us. Via GALENUS LINE, by calling the single call-centre number 0365 915, or by email to, or by filling in the form below, the GALENUS team will contact you to initiate a telemedicine appointment.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT. You don’t need to be experienced in the ways of the internet, or online portals.

We will retrieve all the identifying information needed to register your patient, and generate an electronic file for you that will be kept securely in the GALENUS computer system, while respecting our privacy policy. This electronic record system will be used in the GALENUS medical center, starting 01.01.2020. Any current or future interactions will be reflected in this record. Details here.

Once all these details are identified, we will do the scheduling for the telemedicine session, whereby we will select the Specialty, Doctor, Time when this session will take place.
Please note that for those of you who have already crossed the threshold of Galenus Medical Centre after 01.01.2020, colleagues will update the already existing information. In that case, the electronic file already exists.

You will automatically receive, via SMS and EMAIL, confirmation of the opening of your appointment with a payment link via the secure online card payment system. Only after you confirm the payment, our system will generate a virtual cabinet.

Each patient, for each telemedicine session, will receive UNIQUE, confidential and secure access, together with the doctor selected in the previous steps in the virtual practice.

Call 0365 915 for urgent information!

Or contact us via the email form below

We will contact you in one business day.

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