Outpatient specialty (polyclinic)

Outpatient specialty (polyclinic)

Provides a wide range of reliable laboratory and imaging services

Private specialist medical services

14 surgeries and 28 specialities

At GALENUS Medical Centre you will find 28 specialities in the specialist outpatient department today, of which one specialty is also contracted with the INSURANCE HOUSE:
– General Surgery
– Paediatrics
– Ophthalmology
– Orthopaedics-Traumatology

GALENUS Medical Network

Own locations

We’ll help you get to the doctor you want, in the location of your choice, at any of our locations: Tg. Mureș, Reghin, Mediaș!


Today technology allows us to offer you medical support through telemedicine, within the GALENUS Virtual Clinic! You will not be able to perform any operations, or in any specialty!

GALENUS Medical Network

Our focus is the patient, which is why we want to reach them outside of our own locations! Through the GALENUS Medical Network, together with our partner clinics and partner imaging centres, we will find the right solutions for you!

Please call 0265 215 000

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We will contact you within one business day.

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