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Don’t worry, it’s easier than you were told. With or without an appointment, we are waiting for you, so we can issue your skills card on the spot so that you can take the residency exam!
All you need is the ID card and a certificate from the family doctor!

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Occupational Medicine - prepared for the requirements of your SKILLS SHEET

Your first JOB? A promotion? Up for hiring?
We are here to help you with the legislative compliance part regarding the necessary medical examinations.

Our Occupational Medicine doctors are trained, licensed and have the necessary experience to help you with all the medical examinations required for employment, job change, or periodic examinations.
All you have to do is give us a phone call, email or reach out to us via the bellow form and we will contact you and let you know how to prepare for the medical evaluation.

We are organized in 2 complete teams consisting of a doctor specializing in Occupational Medicine and a nurse, available both at the Galenus’ location and under certain conditions, available for travel to the headquarters of the company where you work.

  • we have a team dedicated exclusively to Occupational Healthcare practice (Offices, Front-Office, Occupational Physicians and Nurses)

  • All medical devices are properly sized to handle investigations both at the Galenus’ location and at the companies’ headquarters

  • the computer system keeps track of all investigations in the employee’s electronic records

More on Occupational Medicine?

Must know more on Occupational Medicine practice

According to the Government Decision no. 355/2007 on the surveillance of workers ‘health, the surveillance of workers’ health defines the totality of medical services that ensure the prevention, detection, dispensary of occupational and occupational diseases, as well as the maintenance of the health and working capacity of workers. (Art. 2)
Surveillance of workers’ health is provided by occupational medicine specialists (Art. 4).

  • Reducing the number of days absent from work;
  • Increasing the efficiency of the client’s activity;
  • Verification and approval of medical leave;

The examinations for occupational healthcare can be carried out at the employer’s premises if the company arranges a suitable space from the hygienic-sanitary point of view for carrying out the medical examinations.

  • Completion and record of individual medical records;
  • Issuing the aptitude card and advising the employer;
  • Spontaneous occupational medicine consultations;
  • Occupational medicine consultancy for the human resources and labor
  • protection services;
  • Organizing and participating in occupational risk assessment;
  • Monitoring the health of employees;
  • Vocational reorientation in case of occupational disease or other chronic diseases;
  • Advice on adapting work to the psychophysiological characteristics of employees;
  • Counseling for substantiating the health and safety strategy at work;
  • medical examination at employment – structured according to the profession and the risk exposure sheet; establishes work aptitude;
  • Periodic medical checkup – health reassessment;
  • medical resumption examination – for people who have been out of service for more than 30 days for medical reasons;
  • Adaptation Medical Examination – determines the fitness for work of people employed in places with proven or potential occupational risk.

The Occupational Medicine Service is carried out in accordance with: Law no. 319/2006 , Methodological Norms of Application Published in the Official Gazette no. 882 / 30.10.2006 and Government Decision no. 355 of May 17, 2007 on medical examinations for each professional category.

For us, general practioners (family doctors) are an important factor in carrying out occupational medicine activities . Our role is to stay close to the workers’ family physicians in order to establish the correct recommendations and assessments and permanent communication of health .

In order to clarify the way of collaboration of our Department of Occupational Medicine with family doctors, we consider informing the Romanian College of Physicians:
“Family doctors must respect the curricular competencies, in accordance with the provisions of art. 9 of the Deontological Code of the Romanian College of Physicians (“Art. 9 – The principle of professional specialization. Except for cases of vital emergency, the doctor acts according to the specialty, skills and practice he has.”). Thus, family physicians may use only the phrase “clinically healthy” or may specify the diagnosis found or confirmed by other medical specialties, not being entitled to use the phrase “fit for work.”
continues with the complete reading of the information.

Walk-in process in 3 easy steps

Let's get to know eachother

We will start with:
– employee identification data
– the job to be hired
– risk factors related to the activity to be carried out

Perform examination

We will schedule you for a meeting with the Occupational Medicine team (specialist doctor, nurse), who will perform all the necessary investigations, according to the information in point 1.


Considering that the commercial-financial aspect is over, our team will prepare your File and Skills Sheet, which will be communicated electronically by email to the employer and employee (as the case may be), but also PHYSICALLY.

Appointments are made through CALL-CENTER: 0365 915, or other options on the contact page

Or you can fill the form bellow!

We will contact you within one business day.

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Since its inception, the GALENUS Medical Center has been providing patients with full health care, including private medical services for patients, medical imaging, laboratory diagnosis, occupational medicine and other related activities.

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      The newest service offered by the Galenus medical center is the option to receive counseling and a limited form of medical recommendations, through TELEMEDICINE. With the Galenus LINE stream, you can get in touch with a doctor in a safe and easy way.

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