Dr. Serac Gabriel

About general surgery

General surgery is the specialty that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of surgical conditions of the abdomen as well as other surgical conditions that are the subject of other specialties, which require special techniques such as trauma, vascular, genital, urological, thoracic, endocrine, neurosurgical, surgery. oncological etc.

Neurosurgery, plastic surgery, pediatric surgery, thoracic surgery, cardiac surgery, vascular surgery, transplantology, traumatology, orthopedics, maxillofacial surgery, oncological surgery, otorhinolaryngology, anesthesia and urology, which are now disciplines, have emerged from general surgery. separate.

There are also differentiations in terms of the technique used:

invasive surgery: classic surgery with cuts to the body
minimally invasive (laparoscopic) surgery: intervention with small incisions, the area is treated with an endoscope.

Doctor summary

    Specialty General surgery
    Studies GM
    Zone of expertise
    • Laparoscopic surgery level II advanced techniques
    • General ultrasonography
    Gender Male


      Medical Education

      UMF Târgu MureșDoctor Medic

      Postgraduate course

      News in hepatobiliary surgery – 2006

      Colorectal Cancer – 2006

      How to apply for European FP7 projects – 2006

      Laparoscopic abdominal and gynaecological surgery – 2004

      Emergency care of polytrauma patients with abdominal component – 2004

      Laparoscopic colo-rectal surgery – 2002

      Difficult situations in biliary surgery – 2002

      DONORG Course

      Specialist Doctor in general surgery

      PhD student in medical sciences

      Postgraduate courseUMF Targu Mures

      Gastric cancer pathology – 2010

      Pathology of pancreatic tumors – 2009

      Colorectal cancer pathology – 2009

      Pancreatic cancer – 2008

      Breast Imaging Update and Instruction in Image Guided Needle Biopsy of the Breast – 2008

      Obesity Surgery – 2008

      Obesity is more than an image problem – 2008

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