EXCLUSIVE to Galenus! Private ORL consultations!

With a reputation for medical practice recognized abroad, the doctor performs consultations, checks and many other operations at the GALENUS Medical Center, according to the program.

Chief of works Dr. Neagos Adriana


ORL – Otorinolaryngology is the surgical specialty that diagnoses and treats diseases of the nose, throat and ears.
Consultations are provided for both adults and children, audiometric investigations (tonal audiogram), impedance symmetry, nasal and laryngeal fibroscopy.

Dr. Adriana Neagos is head of works at UMF Tg. Mureș and primary ORL doctor and pediatric ORL with competence in Somnology, Nose-sinus endoscopic surgery and Laser surgery!

Short description

    Specialty ORL
    Studies UMF Tg. Mureș
    Zone of expertise Somnology, Nose-sinus endoscopic surgery and Laser surgery
    Grade Primary care physician, chief of works
    Gender Female


      Medical Education

      Doctor MedicUMF Târgu Mureș

      Ear SurgeryPostgraduate Course - UMF Carol Davila Bucharest

      Functional Surgery, nasal endoscopic surgeryPostgraduate course - UMF Iuliu Hațteganu Cluj Napoca

      Continuing medical activity, research activity and paper elaborationPostgraduate course - Ulm, Germany

      published in ISI Journal, training activity for trainees, advanced training courses in Phoniatrics, Somnology and Endoscopic Surgery

      Endolaryngeal MicrosurgeryPostgraduate Course - UMF Iuliu Hațeganu Cluj Napoca

      International Course of Microsurgery of the middle ear with temporal bone dissectionPostgraduate Course - UMF Victor Babes Timisoara

      Diagnosis in ENT Endoscopic Surgery - Rhino-Sinus EndoscopyPostgraduate Course - UMF Carol Davila Bucharest

      ENT Endoscopic SurgeryCertificate - Ministry of Health, Directorate of Human Resources and Certification

      Galenus medical center

      Private medical services, structured in specialized outpatient clinics, medical imaging, medical analysis, clinical trials, occupational medicine and others.

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