Dr. Man Lidia

Despre pediatrie

Pediatrics is a medical specialty that deals with the study and treatment of diseases encountered in children. The treatment of these diseases is different from that of adults. Specialists are pediatricians.

About Pediatrics

    Specialty Pediatrics
    Studies UMF Târgu Mureș
    Zone of expertise Ultrasound of
    • the hip
    • the transfontenal
    • the abdomen
    Degree Primary Medic
    Gender Female


      Medical Education

      Doctor MedicUMF Tg. Mureș

      Advanced Training in PediatricsPostgraduate Course

      Applied Course in Allergology and Clinical ImmunologyPostgraduate Course

      Bacterial Pharmacoresistance - mechanisms and practical implicationsPostgraduate course

      Neonatal resuscitation, Post-resuscitation care of the newborn

      News in paediatrics

      News in infant and child nutrition

      Galenus medical center

      Private medical services, structured in specialized outpatient clinics, medical imaging, medical analysis, clinical trials, occupational medicine and others.

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