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Starting with February 2021, Dr. Harpa Marius-Mihai, Cardiovascular Surgery Specialist, offers consultations and post-operative controls at GALENUS Medical Center.

Harpa Marius-Mihai, MD, PhD

Cardiovascular Surgery

Cardiovascular surgery is the surgical specialty that deals with the diagnosis and surgical treatment of cardiovascular diseases (congenital diseases, acquired diseases, diseases of the vascularization of the heart, aneurysms, dissections or occlusions of the cranio-bracheo-cephalic trunk, arteries and veins).

Doctor summary

    Specialty Cardiovascular Surgery
    Studies UMF Tg. Mureș
    Area of expertise Valvular, coronary surgery, aortic aneurysms, heart transplant, carotid pathology
    Degree MD, PhD
    Gender Male


      Medical Education

      Medic Specialist Chirurgie CardiovascularăUMFTS Tg Mures

      Emergency Institute for Cardiovascular Diseases and Transplantation Târgu Mureş

      Doctor în Ştiinte Medicale – Calificativ “Excelent” – “Summa cum Laude”I.O.S.U.D. – Şcoala Doctorală - UMFST Tg. Mures

      “Collagen biomaterials populated with stem cells for valve replacement”, scientific leader Prof. Univ. Dr. Klara Brânzaniuc
      Cardiac Surgery, Regenerative Medicine, Tissue Bioengineering

      Medic, MD - General PracticeUMFST - Tg. Mureș

      Courses and seminarsparticipant or specialization

      2017 – Continuing education course: News in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases in adults and children (Tg Mureș)
      2017 – Profex –English Level B2 (Tg Mureș)
      2017 – International Course – Techniques to validate the isolation of ADSC and their differentiation evaluation (Bucharest)
      2017 – BioSurgery Hands-on Workshop – Innovative Biomaterials in Surgery (Vienna, Austria)
      2016 – Tissue Bioengineering internship, Regenerative Medicine – Heart Valves (Clemson SC, USA)
      2016 – Continuing education course: News in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases in adults and children (Tg Mureș)
      2015-2016 – Certificate of Graduation of the Psychopedagogical Training Program Level I and II (Tg Mureș)
      2015 – Professional Training Program in the Field of Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery and Annexes (Tg Mureș)
      2015 – Development of Transplant Skills – Heart Transplant (Academy of Medical Sciences)
      2014 – Experimental Cardiac Surgery (Hannover, Germany)
      2012 – Training seminar: Monitor for coordinating the activities of preparation of the accreditation process (Mihail Kogălniceanu Cultural Foundation)
      2012 – Internship in Tissue Bioengineering, Regenerative Medicine (Clemson SC, USA)
      2010 – Erasmus Scholarship – Internal Medicine, Gynecology, Public Health (Charles Meriuex, France)
      2009 – Erasmus Scholarship – Cardiac Surgery (Caen, France)

      Courses and seminarsUniversities and Medical Groups

      23-25 Nov 2017 – “News in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases in adults and children”, IuBCVT and UMF Tg. Mureş
      19-20 Nov 2015 – “Publishing in ISI journals: current problems and solving them”, coordinator: Dr. Petre Boţianu
      24-25 Apr 2015 – “Exploitation of new technologies in medical education”, coordinators: Prof. Dr. Marius Măruşteri, Assoc. Prof. Anisoara Pop
      March 19-21, 2015 – “Pleural puncture: from technique to interpretation of results”, coordinator: Dr. Petre Boţianu
      Nov 27-28, 2014 – “Modern research – how to publish in an ISI journal”, coordinator: Dr. Petre Boţianu
      July 20-23, 2017 – Summer School: “Learning from our masters”, Neurodiab – Society of Diabetic Neuropathy

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