Dr. Dorobantu Dorin

About plastic surgery

Plastic surgery-reconstructive microsurgery is a medical specialty that deals with the diagnosis and surgical treatment of burns, electrocution, trauma accompanied by destruction of soft parts, traumatized hands (skin lesions, skeletal, tendon, vascular-nervous), superficial tumors , congenital malformations and aesthetic suffering.

Doctor summary

    Specialty Plastic surgery
    Studies UMF Tg. Mureș
    Zone of expertise
    • Reconstructive microsurgery
    Grad Medic Primar
    Gender Masculin


    • Chirurgie estetica - Alte manopere
    • Chirurgie estetica-Consult medic primar
      300 LEI
    • Chirurgie estetica-Control medic primar
      150 LEI
    • Chirurgie estetica-Interventie personalizata
      1200 LEI
    • Chirurgie plastica-Alte manopere
    • Chirurgie plastica-Consult medic primar
      200 LEI
    • Chirurgie plastica-Control medic primar
      100 LEI
    • Chirurgie-Ablatie unghie
      400 LEI
    • Chirurgie-Anestezie locala
      60 LEI
    • Chirurgie-Scos fire
      100 LEI
    • Pansament
      50 LEI

    Medical Education

    UMF Tg. MureșDoctor - Medic

    Plastic surgery specialtyHospital Floreasca București

    Plastic Surgery SpecialtyHospital Tg. Mureș

    Plastic Surgery SpecialtyMunicipal Hospital Tg. Mureș

    Plastic Surgery SpecialtyEmergency Hospital Tg. Mureș

    Galenus medical center

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