Dr. Costea Ioana

About Internal Medicine

Internal medicine is the branch and medical specialty that deals with the prevention, diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of diseases, especially those of internal organs. The specialty of internal medicine is addressed to adults.
Internal medicine specialists have the competence to solve complex diagnostic problems and to monitor severe chronic diseases and polypathological conditions. Internal medicine specialists diagnose and treat adults with respiratory, cardiac, digestive, renal and osteoarticular diseases.

Doctor summary

    Specialty Internal Medicine
    Studies UMF Tg. Mureș
    Area of expertise
    Degree Specialist
    Gender Female
    Language Română


    • Abonament medicina muncii per angajat/luna (raportat la nr total de angajati)
      20 LEI
    • Acuitate vizuala
      15 LEI
    • Administrare vaccin antigripal
      5 LEI
    • Audiometrie
      20 LEI
    • Aviz medical - Permis port-arma (nu include aviz psihologic)
      240 LEI
    • EKG - MM
      20 LEI
    • EKG standard
      50 LEI
    • Evaluare risc maternal cu contract
      70 LEI
    • Evaluare risc maternal fara contract
      100 LEI
    • Examen clinic
      35 LEI
    • Examen clinic general - periodic (lunar, trimestrial, semestrial, anual)
      35 LEI
    • Examen psihologic
      35 LEI
    • Examinare medicala - (AEROPORT) agent salvare, conducator autospeciala, servant pompier
      265 LEI
    • Examinare medicala siguranta circulatiei (doar examen psihologic)
      70 LEI
    • Examinare medicala siguranta circulatiei (fara examen psihologic)
      280 LEI
    • Examinare medicala siguranta circulatiei (tot)
      350 LEI
      220 LEI
    • Fisa AUTO Categoria C,D,E
      350 LEI
    • Glicemie
      10 LEI
    • Injectie intravenoasa (manevra)
      30 LEI
    • Injectie musculara
      20 LEI
    • Medicina Muncii - Alte manopere
    • Montare Branula
      30 LEI
    • Pachet servicii medicina muncii per capita (facturat complet, la consum)
      240 LEI
    • Probe vestibulare, probe de echilibru
      10 LEI
    • Re-examinare siguranta circulatiei (per specialitate)
      60 LEI
    • Spirometrie
      40 LEI
    • Vaccinare - diverse
      30 LEI
    • Viza concediu medical
      10 LEI
    • Viza medicina muncii (dosar medical si fisa aptitudini)
      15 LEI
    • Viza medicina muncii - risc maternal
      20 LEI

    Medical Education

    Galenus medical center

    Private medical services, structured in specialized outpatient clinics, medical imaging, medical analysis, clinical trials, occupational medicine and others.

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