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Starting with October 2020, Dr. Avram Anicuța consults free of charge based on the referral tickets, through CAS and CASA OPSNAJ. Also, for emergencies, WITHOUT a referral ticket, via TELEMEDICINE, it can help you within certain limits.

Dr. Avram Anicuța

About Gastroenterology

Gastroenterology is the medical specialty that deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the digestive system (gastrointestinal, liver, cholecystic, pancreatic).
To increase the accuracy of the diagnosis and assessment of the stage of the disease, the gastroenterological consultation is supplemented with laboratory tests (Hemoleukogram, liver function tests, sceening liver disease, etc.), endoscopic (upper and lower digestive endoscopy) and imaging (abdominal ultrasonography)

Doctor summary

    Specialty Pediatrics
    Studies UMF Tg. Mureș
    Zone of expertise
    Degree Medic Specialist
    Gender Female


    • Gastroenterologie - Alte manopere
    • Gastroenterologie-Colonoscopie fara anestezie
      400 LEI
    • Gastroenterologie-Consult medic specialist
      150 LEI
    • Gastroenterologie-Consult+Ecografie medic specialist
      220 LEI
    • Gastroenterologie-Control medic specialist
      80 LEI
    • Gastroenterologie-Ecografie
      150 LEI
    • Gastroenterologie-Gastroscopie
      300 LEI
    • TELE-Gastroenterologie-Consiliere medic specialist
      100 LEI
    • TELE-Gastroenterologie-Control medic specialist
      65 LEI

    Medical Education

    Neonatology residencyUMFTS Tg Mures

    ongoing 2nd specialisation, with a 3 year completion course

    Pediatrics medical schoolUMFTS Tg Mures

    Diabetes TYPE I - PEDIDIABSpitalul Județean de Urgență Bacău, Alba-Iulia

    Training of health professionals to improve pediatric care for patients with TYPE I diabetes

    Courses and conventionsparticipation or specialisation

    2011 – News in infant and child nutrition (Ministry of Education, Research and Innovation, Târgu-Mureș)
    2013 – Signs and symptoms in pediatrics (Ministry of National Education, Târgu-Mureș)
    2014 – Pre-transport / post-resuscitation care for newborns (S.T.A.B.L.E). Neonatal transport (Ministry of National Education, Târgu-Mureș)
    2015 – Early diagnosis of cancer in children (College of Physicians of Mureș County, Târgu-Mureș)
    2015 – National Congress of Diabetes, Nutrition and Pediatric Endocrinology (Romanian Society of Diabetes, Nutrition and Pediatric Endocrinology – ENDOPED, Timișoara)
    2015 – Emergencies in PEDIATRIC NEUROLOGY AND PSYCHIATRY (Ministry of Education and Scientific Research Romania, Târgu-Mureș)
    2018 – National Conference of Pediatrics – Progress in pediatrics (Romanian Society of Pediatrics, Bucharest)
    2018 – ”Basic Paediatrics” – Basic pediatric intensive care (Smurd Foundation Târgu-Mureș, Târgu-Mureș)
    2018 – Communication skills with the pediatric patient. Modern trends in pediatrics (UMFTS Tg Mureș)
    2018 – News and interdisciplinarity in chronic kidney disease in children (UMF Carol Davila – Bucharest)
    2018 – General Ultrasonography – MODULE I
    2018 – Special Ultrasonography – Module II
    2019 – National Conference of Pediatrics – Guides and protocols in pediatrics (Romanian Society of Pediatrics, Bucharest)
    2019 – Clinical-ultrasound examination in medical practice from the specialized office POCUS (SRUMB, Târgu-Mureș)
    2019 – New trends in pediatric practice (INS Mother and Child “Alessandrescu – Rusescu” Tg. Mureș)
    2019 – Interdisciplinarity in pediatrics (INS Mother and Child “Alessandrescu – Rusescu”, Bucharest)

    Galenus medical center

    Private medical services, structured in specialized outpatient clinics, medical imaging, medical analysis, clinical trials, occupational medicine and others.

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